Matt on Tour

Matt has been travelling the country promoting 'The Gamer' and has met some fantastic characters.  

Upcoming Events

June 2024

23/06/2024 - Walsall Striking Event’s Comic Con

July 2024

14/07/2024 - Banbury Striking Events Comic Con

21/07/2024 - Hemel Hempstead Comic Con

28/07/2024 - Guildford Comic Con

August 2024

04/08/2024 - Northampton Striking Event's Comic Con

11/08/2024 - Peterborough Striking Events Comic Con

18/08/2024 - Nottingham Striking Events Comic Con

25/08/2024 - Coventry Striking Events Comic Con

Many more events are planned for 2024!  Matt is planning to bring some characters from 'The Gamer' with him to some of these events.

Cosplay 2023

 Crawley Comic Con 2023

Various Shows