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So why The Gamer? As a young teenager Matt read Bravo Two Zero, by Andy McNab, quickly followed by The One That Got Away, by Chris Ryan. Both books about the equally disastrous Special Air Service Patrol, that penetrated deep behind Iraqi lines during the first Gulf War. From there on in he was hooked and read anything to do with the special forces. Whilst on the bus, in a shopping centre, or sometimes in a hotel while on holiday, he would imagine terrorists had struck and then play through all the scenarios in his mind of how he would fight back. It just took over twenty years to link those initial dalliances of a hostage situation, to a video gamer doing the same. Thus, the concept for The Gamer was created! Email:

Praise for The Gamer

‘….you will not want to put it down.’ C Dwight

I was fortunate enough to read this novel early as a potential stockist, after my read it will definitely go on sale in my store! It’s a gripping read that just keeps giving and you will not want to put it down

'...this book is like no other.' Dillon B

Although I'm not a huge fan of reading and never really have been, this book is one like no other. I couldn't tell you one thing I didn't like about it if I tried! The story is great, the writing and ideas are just as good, the characters are perfect and the price is cheap and affordable. Perfect for just about anyone who either wants a new book to read or really wants to lose themselves in a great story. Love it!

‘…I couldn’t put it down until I knew the outcome’ Julie C

This is as far away from the books I usually read as it possibly could be! I didn’t quite know what to expect but gave it a go- so glad I did! One of the best books I’ve ever read. So hard to put down, fast paced, full of action, just brilliant. I have no idea why it took me in but, once in, there was no way I could put it down until I knew the outcome. The most unlikely teenage hero but he’s a true star!
I cannot recommend this book enough, an absolute rollercoaster of a book. Loved it.

‘…proper gripping story, took me by surprise on a few occasions…’ Jay

Brilliant book from start to finish! Full of twists and turns, proper gripping story, took me by surprise on a few occasion even shed a tear! Comparable to Lee child writing style! Deffo worth a read

‘…incredible story, done with style!’ Laura BH
When the author reached out to me and told me about his book the whole idea of the story sounded really interesting, but it also sounded like it would be very difficult to actually pull it off convincingly. Somehow, the author has not just managed to write an incredible story, it has been done with style!

We follow the main character Harry Fearn, a likeable 17 year old boy who loves playing video games and reading, a little bit like myself! Straight away I felt that I would easily be able to find a friend in this character.

Harry lands himself a summer job courtesy of his aunt, as a conference porter at the Atlantic Grand hotel. While working at the hotel one evening, Harry feels that there is something not right, so he decides to call 911 to make some enquiries, upon speaking to a dispatcher he is told that under no uncertain terms is he to move from his current location. - Like he’s going to listen!!

The story moves along at a good pace giving us bits of information here and there along with plenty of action, which makes you want to keep reading! The descriptions of the scenery and the very tense atmosphere are vivid and I could see myself with Harry as he ducked and dived about the place!

Overall this was a fantastic read and in my opinion this could be the start of something big for the author.
I’d also like to point out that the author’s knowledge on the special forces is incredible!

A solid 5 stars!

‘…well written, funny and has plenty of action…’ Lindsey W

I really enjoyed The Gamer. I read the entire book over two days as I just wanted to know what Harry was going to do next! It's well written, funny and has plenty of action to keep you gripped until the end. I'm not a gamer, but I love a thriller and this just hit the spot.

‘Brilliant and engaging’ Lynsey B

Had my doubts as not my kind of choice of book, however glad I purchased this book. Didn't last long on the holiday as couldn't put it down can't wait for the next one

‘Great story’ Peter W

Really good story. Recommended to all my friends.

‘Loved it… Gripped until the end!!!’ Amazon Customer

Loved it …. Gripped to the end !!! Looking forward to the next one … please ???

‘…brilliantly paced…’ Teresa L

A thoroughly enjoyable book combining action, realistic characters that I could identify with and interesting information as the plot developed.

‘…extremely well written adventure.’ Hans

An excellent well researched and extremely well written adventure. I put down a Len Deighton novel to read this book and have to say it was a great choice, couldn’t put the book down - Matt can’t wait for the next book - many thanks

‘Highly recommended…’ Jacqueline

Great read that I couldn't put down. Highly recommended and what a first book for this author.