Schools and Public Speaking

Meet Matt Gantry! Have you got an event you'd like Matt to attend? Request a visit by sending him an email: with some details.

Meet Matt

Matt Gantry is available for public engagements. Speaking about the truly heart breaking story of a shattered childhood dream, an unprecedented fight for survival that saw him hospitalised for three and a half months and spend sixteen months visiting outpatients physiotherapy, to learn to walk, talk and write again. He tells the tale of determination, tenacity and sheer bloody mindedness. How after recovery he attempted many different jobs, all of them made unavailable to him due to the injuries sustained and how he settled on writing as a new career. Coupled with Matt’s unique and very British humour, his talks will make you laugh and cry. All talks are followed with a question and answer session and are uniquely written and tailored to your specific audience. Matt is able to influence listeners, create a can do attitude borne out of self-fortitude and cause the audience to walk away with an unbeatable mindset! (He’ll probably have some books with him, so if you wanted a signed copy…)

Matt also talks at schools and is happy to see anything from an assembly sized crowd, to a few classes throughout the day. His story is told and he teaches pupils various skills to improve their abilities with the English Language!

Market Bosworth School

'Matt gave two short creative writing workshops to our students in our library. The students enjoyed the session greatly, as they had the opportunity to build on their own creative skills using Matt's knowledge of writing. The students were attentive and engaged, and enjoyed the experience of working in a small group with a published author. They wrote short excerpts of their own stories, using Matt's novel as inspiration. It allowed them to consider the possibilities that await them outside of the English classroom.' Miss G Hooton, English Teacher and Premium Pupil Lead at The Market Bosworth School

Etone College

"A huge thank you to Matt for taking the time to come and speak to our students at Etone College about his new novel The Gamer and support our budding creative writers during our Year 8 English Day. They loved asking lots of questions about his life experiences too and getting lots of ideas to add to their own stories." Mrs Z Logan, Director of Learning, English – Etone College